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Still trying to muster the energy to achieve your goals?

We live in a complicated world, so good resolve alone is not enough to get you over the line. You also need to use the right tools. If everybody else is leveraging computer technology don't you think you might be lagging behind if you keep all your project information in your head?

You have to learn to be a good negotiator with others - and with yourself. That's right: prioritizing tasks is a negotiating skill. Each step you take has costs associated with it - both in time and money. When it is competing with other issues you have, only the relationship with the ultimate goal should matter. Because we are emotional beings we are not particularly good at making astute decisions when we are personally involved. Using Goal Setter is like becoming a manager in charge of your own estate. Your have agreed on a given milestone and have committed resources to it.

How it is done is the adventure you have embarked on. There is a mountain standing in your way. You could climb it, tunnel through it or go around it. How do you know which way has the best chances of success? Since you can't do all three you have to document the efforts involved for each option and assign scores. You have to talk to experts in that field, seek roles models who travelled that journey before you, etc... These are the steps you need to tick off one by one to get where you ultimately want to be.

Goal Setter is your online coach and project template to document your actions. One of the first questions you will need to answer is what the yardstick to measure your progress will be? Then you can follow that path and see the fruit coming in. Nothing magical, just good old fashion discipline. Perseverance is the key. Goal Setter is the tool to get you there. As a bonus, the subscription for the use of our online software also includes one consultation with an expert from our management panel. You are not on your own. When your goal is well documented and underway, someone will appraise it and send you a report via email.
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What is a goal?

A goal is a commitment, a contract made with yourself to bring about the expected outcome by a given deadline. It is a necessary discipline to not just survive but actually win in a hostile or competitive environment. Yes life is a battle and a fight - welcome to the real world! Whether you have career goals, personal goals or life goals, a to do list may not be enough. Identifying and dealing with your obstacles may be what stands in the way of you reaching your goal.

How can I improve my motivation?

A goal no matter how worthwhile needs to be broken down into manageable milestones. Only then can you cope with small increments and measure your progress. When there is nobody around to tell you what to do, freedom can destroy you if you don't take accountability for your lack of action.

I feel isolated and I can't achieve anything...

What you think about yourself and your abilities will ultimately determine the course of your life. Stamp out any negative thoughts and start dreaming about what deep down you would like to do. Obstacles are there to be overcome and make you stronger. Do not let others spoil your dream. Remember it is your life and we only get one chance each.


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